Novezala (Grupo Novezala) is one of the leading service providers in Brazil. Situated in Rio de Janeiro, this company specializes in human resources, handling related tasks such as recruitment, payroll leasing, outsourcing, training, and more.

Having been in the industry for more than 17 years, Novelaza is focused on being the center of excellence in the human resources industry. This company envisions itself to be the best in terms of proving support and related services in the HR world. With a highly-specialized team of hardworking and dedicated professionals, anyone can be sure that Novelaza will live up to its goals and expectations of becoming an excellent HR service provider.

Novelaza is currently in partnership with, another HR-related company in Brazil. For more information, contact the team of Novezala at (21) 3147-7000. Their office is located at Largo de Sao Francisco de Paula in Rio de Janeiro.